Having a healthy smile is important for both your oral health and your self-esteem. Although most people believe that orthodontic treatments are just for teenagers, you are never too old to improve your smile or bite.

Invisalign for adults helps patients with fully developed jaws and teeth to correct their smiles and improve their bites. Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth with clear plastic aligners rather than using metal brackets and wires.

Why Should I Get Invisalign as an Adult?

Although adults have fully developed teeth and jaws, they are not impervious to orthodontic problems. Over time, the layout of your teeth gradually shifts, slowly changing your mouth’s shape.

Also, patients are prone to more and more oral health problems as they age. Without proper treatment, these issues will only worsen with time.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign for adults helps you straighten your teeth discreetly. The plastic trays are custom-made to fit comfortably in your mouth, so no one will notice you are wearing them.

Invisalign aligners are also easily removable, so you can continue eating your favorite foods without worrying about treatment restrictions.

How Will You Start My Treatment Plan?

Your Invisalign treatment starts with a visual examination of your teeth. Your orthodontist will examine your teeth for overall health and structure to determine whether or not aligners are the best treatment option. We will also take an X-ray to get a more detailed image of your teeth and gums.

Next, our team will use a 3D scanner to better understand how Invisalign will help improve your smile. By using 3D scanners, we can create an accurate digital model of your smile to better predict the time and results of your Invisalign treatment.

Once we review the expected results with you, we will create a digital mold of your teeth to use for your custom aligners. Orthodontic patients receive a series of aligners to switch out every couple of weeks. Each aligner gradually shifts your teeth closer to the desired position.

How Long Will My Treatment Last?

The length of each treatment will vary since no two patients have the same oral structure. Your orthodontist will give you a time estimate before you receive your first set of aligners. Generally, most patients’ Invisalign treatment lasts one to two years.

Ultimately, the severity of your orthodontic issues and your desired results will determine how long you will be wearing Invisalign.

How Much Will My Invisalign Clear Aligners Cost?

The cost of an Invisalign treatment will depend on several factors. We understand that cost is a significant concern among patients when it comes to treatment options. At Bayou Braces & Dentistry, we want every patient to be able to afford their dental or orthodontic treatments. We accept a wide range of insurances and work with you to establish affordable payment plans.

Is Invisalign Uncomfortable?

Many patients opt for Invisalign over adult braces because they are more comfortable to wear. Invisalign aligners consist of a thin yet durable plastic material that is less irritating to your lips and gums.

Invisalign clear aligners work by applying light pressure to your teeth to gradually shift into the correct position. Although it can take some time to get used to wearing them, they are painless and have a comfortable fit.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign offers several advantages for adults looking to achieve a straighter smile.

They’re Easily Removable

Unlike metal braces, Invisalign aligners are easy to take out. Since you can remove them to eat, there are no food restrictions during treatment. Removing your aligners when you brush and floss your teeth means you can avoid additional or complicated dental hygiene steps.

They’re Virtually Invisible

Invisalign for adults uses thin clear plastic trays that cover your entire row of teeth. With the latest technology, we can create aligners that fit the unique shape of your teeth, so they fit comfortably and look natural.

They’re Easy to Clean

Taking care of your clear aligners is essential to protect your trays and prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems. Fortunately, clear aligners require minimal maintenance. We recommend that you clean them every night with warm water, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.

What Are Spark Aligners for Adults?

Our orthodontic team may also discuss with you another set of clear aligners we offer. Spark Aligners are offered to our orthodontic patients as an alternative to Invisalign. Adults may find that Spark Aligners are clearer and more comfortable than Invisalign. If you want to learn more about this clear aligner option, contact our office today.