Nothing But The Best Orthodontic Technology

Our office is committed to providing the highest quality of care available to patients in South Louisiana. Our technology allows us to be fast and effective with treatment, ensuring your appointments are quick and allow you to get back to your day.


iTero® Digital Impressions

One of the most important and fundamental steps in you or your child receiving orthodontic treatment relies on the initial impressions of the smile. Formerly, a patient would need a manual mold taken which would include the use of goopy, pink material. This process was less accurate and often very messy, which could leave a bad taste in the mouth of the patient (metaphorically and literally).

With iTero, we can quickly take impressions of the patient’s smile to ensure that treatment is accurate and quick. The iTero scan is done with a wand that takes a 3D model of your smile. This model is then imported into our system and used to plot out the treatment for the patient.

Benefits of iTero include:

  • Free of messy molds
  • Fully digital
  • Highest level of accuracy



The 3Shape tool is useful for taking intraoral scans that can plot out the path of your tooth movement. This tool is similar to iTero, but the AI systems can help us get a second view of your orthodontic journey. Useful in planning braces or Invisalign treatment, 3Shape is invaluable in ensuring that our treatment is as well-rounded as possible.


Sirona 3D® Imaging

This technology is crucial for ensuring that the complete picture of your oral health is in good order. The mouth is a complex system of soft tissues, bones, and nerves that require careful and strategic planning. We use Sirona3D imaging to ensure every important consideration has been made. This is a win for us and for you. Because of this technology, we can plan treatment and give more educated feedback.



Our 3D printer from EnvisionTEC allows us to fully customize treatment for each patient and to create our aligner sets right here in-house. If you choose a clear aligner set to be created by our team, we’ll be using this technology to design the aligners that will perfect your smile. EnvisionTEC is a premium 3D printer that will help us craft your customized set of aligners from start to finish, at a lower premium than other well-known competitors.